Saudi Arabia


ر.س Saudi Riyal
Area:2,149,690 km2
Languages: Arabic
Al-Hijaz Railroad
You will witness the true meaning of solidity in the formation and foundation of this railway, which tells the tales and adventures it has experienced. The establishment of the Hijaz railroad was ordered by the Ottoman Sultan.​​
King Abdullah Park
King Abdullah Park is the most prominent landmarks in the capital. It is located in al-Malaz quarter. Park's main attraction is "Dancing Fountain" with its colorful laser lighting.
Dar Al Madinah Urban Museum
It is the first museum specialized in the history and urban and the built heritage of Al Madinah. The museum showcases the Islamic heritage and culture, as well as the city’s magnificent and substantial history since the Prophet’s first arrival in Al Madinah to the present day.
Mada’en Saleh, also known as Al Hijr, is a series sandstone outcrop of various sizes and heights surrounded by a ring sand mountains. It is a pre-Islamic archaeological site located in the Al-Ula sector, within the Al Madinah Region of Saudi Arabia.