د.ت Tunisian Dinar
Area:163,610 km2
Languages: Arabic
Bardo Museum
Tunis’ must see attractions is the Bardo Museum: partly for the collection and partly because it is located in a marvellous 13th Century Ottoman palace. The museum itself covers the entire history of Tunisia: that is a lot to take in so allow a full day. http://www.tourismtunisia.com/tunis-travel-guide/
The Souk
The Souk in Tunis feels a lot less touristy than those in some North African towns and cities; it is a vibrant place where people live and work. Because of this and because people are primarily interested in going about their business they will not bother you as a tourist. http://www.tourismtunisia.com/tunis-travel-guide/
Zitouna Mosque
A great attraction is the Zitouna Mosque, not only is it Tunisia’s largest, it dates from the 8th century. Although non-Muslims are not permitted into the Mosque you can visit the courtyard and take it much of the architecture including the distinctive minaret, a 19th century addition. http://www.tourismtunisia.com/tunis-travel-guide/
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